How To Be Shash

Take as many naps as possible Don’t ever do anything on time – unless you are pushed Leave the toilet seat up Be colorblind when it comes to your clothes Sneak in and get the chocolate in the freezer Drive the car with one hand on the wheel Forget to […]

The Future of the Past

The sepia-flavored photograph exposes a bride and groom of an earlier age. It is not difficult to get the measure of the two involved. You can see that the groom is at least a head the taller, And, he, a powerful built mortal along-side a petite-figured girl-like woman. Sometimes it […]

A Poem of my Father

This is a poem of my father Who never hugged me and only would Bring home presents to show his love. I don’t remember him ever praising My achievements though I’m sure He was proud of some of the things I did. When I brought home, one day, An exercise […]

Everybody Loved Jack

I have mentioned my first cousin, Jack Lerner, several times as my companion during a few minor escapades in our earlier days. He was a good athlete, made letters at West Denver High School in baseball, tennis and golf. He was a friendly who made friends easily and was always […]

Flash Bulb Memory

When I was about five or six years old, my tonsils and adenoids were extracted. I don’t remember what my symptoms were to cause this, but I knew something very bad was going to happen. I was not allowed to go outside to play; the dining-room table was opened all […]

“In The Beginning…”

Lillith greeted Yehovah as he arrived at the entrance of their dwelling. Despite the customary warm greeting, Yehovah could see that she was troubled.   As predictable, her distress was worry about their youngster, Elohim. “Yehovah, it is my feeling that Elohim has reached the stage in his existence when he […]

My Grandmother

My Grandmother, my Mother’s Mother (I never knew my Father’s parents), was a short stocky women, who moved with a bouncy step that made you get out of her way without being told.  She almost always knew what she was doing and what she was going to do in the […]

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