And On The Seventh Day God Rested

A very long time ago, our ancient forebears told stories that was their attempt to answer the puzzle:  How did everything begin?
When the tales of one group were finally written,
The answers became the first chapter of  the Book of Genesis.
It was a remarkable feat for such ancient folk,
For the facts they related concerning the steps of creation are sound,
As agreed to by many of today’s scientists who poke
Through the world’s burying grounds,
While seeking to answer the same questions of which the ancients spoke.

The first chapter of Genesis ends with the words, “And God created man, and it was the sixth day.
And on the seventh day God rested”.
The words seem to imply that all the creation process prior to the sixth day
Was planned for the final effort of bringing forth man
Who was eminent in God’s plan.

Within the same chapter are details that stand out
Suggesting that man had been created
Several times before this one that we know about.
If this be true, it would appear that man has always managed to evolve
By destroying all creation including man himself.

If the multiple creations be true, some folks may take heart
Saying that, no matter the cost, nature will eventually start
Again to bring man back to be in charge of all;
Even if it takes millions of years to cover up the errors before the fall.

So, again, a story might end, “And God created man…and on the seventh Day God rested”.
But , could it be possible, in the eons ahead,
God might decide to rest on the sixth day instead?