Early Years’ Problem

I have been troubled since my earliest years
Trying to understand parts of the bible.
One particular sticking point is the yarn
Where God tell Abraham,“You’ve been too long idle:

Get going to the mountains with your child,
Your beloved son, Isaac, and offer him
As a burnt offering in a place I’ll
Point out later.” Good old Abraham

Starts off the that minute, gets his ass in gear,
Tells Isaac,“The Lord will provide,” while
Trudging towards Moriah. Now, it appears,
From the story, God was testing the man’s actual

Faith in God’s commands. Now comes my sticklers:
How can God not know what someone’s
Convictions are, when He can discern
The minds of all and know what the outcome

Will surely be? What father would agree
To kill his son merely on a voice’s soliloquy?

The bible itself does not address my
Query, I have seethed within for years
To find a reason that would satisfy
The earnest turmoil of my moral fears.

At last! One answer appeared, radiant
And resplendent, with logic appendant,,
Extricating my past misgivings, allaying
Low credence to the morals of Abraham.

Abraham knew he was being tested!
He went along with God’s nefarious plan,
Because, Abraham, in turn, was testing
He who proposed to be in command

Of the future nation that Abraham
Was to father. Was God worthy
Of the trust that this Neolithic man
Was willing to place for all eternity?