What is special about grandparents?
I only had one, my Mother’s Mother.
If all grandparents were as she was,
What a wonderful world this would be for all children.
She was small but mighty – tough and loving.
To her four children, her word was law,
But her grandchildren got away with murder.
She had a hug and kiss for us when we needed it.
And the broom when we needed that.
She always made sure we were well-fed.
She was always sure we had nice clothes,
Whether or not my parents could afford it.
Our religious training was extremely important to her.
When she was too weak with age and sickness to go
To the synagogue for my brother’s Bar Mitzvah.
She was so proud and happy when he came to her house
To chant the entire service for her alone.
Now I remember what is so special about grandparents.