On Our Forty-ninth Wedding Anniversary: To Maxine From Shash

Nearly one-half century has passed since the day we stood together
In your backyard, under the chupah, and Rabbi Laderman made us one.
That was a highlighted day in both our lives and many more days have
Become highlighted since.
All we have to say is, “Do you remember when….?”
And together we can bring back the memories of those wonderful years
Between us as though they just happened yesterday.
But, there were times that we hesitate to remind each other.
Of troubles and fears that had arisen and seemed better to have been forgotten,
But those, also, are easily brought to the forefront too.
But the bad memories can be easily dispelled for a time, if we remember
How the Rabbi, during our marriage ceremony said, as the sun came clear,
“Remember how we all worried an hour ago when the clouds were black
and threatening, and here now the sun is shining as though to say, be of
good cheer, I will always be here.”
You and I have had a great many wonderful days together.
Please, God, grant us more and more of these in our future.