Selfishness is an evil.


If you are concerned with your own self-gain,

Somehow you have changed to a barbarian

Who tramples over mankind’s heavy-laden.

A bank robber who flees with plunder is

The same as the industrialist who

Produces material treasure; for each is

Only concerned with his self-interest.



That vicious comparison has been handed down

By the churches, and teachers who should know better.

Throughout the histories you and I have studied,

It is said there is no morality in a person’s life

Unless that life is devoted only to whims of others.


It then seems apparent that our endurance on this earth

Must be as slaves to those who, somehow, have higher rights.

Why are needs of these “others” of a more demanding

Rationality than our own existence?

Why are we morally forbidden the selfishness

Perfected by the godly?