The Future of the Past

The sepia-flavored photograph exposes a bride and groom of an earlier age.
It is not difficult to get the measure of the two involved.
You can see that the groom is at least a head the taller,
And, he, a powerful built mortal along-side a petite-figured girl-like woman.

Sometimes it is sweet to know the future of the past.

The bride wears a milk-maid shaped headdress with veil of lace-like chiffon
cascading to the floor.
Her white wave-like structured gown assures evidence of the purity that will
will be of a higher level from that night forward.
The trusting eyes and reverential composure justifies her faith in her choice
for the new life that stands besides her.

Sometimes it is bitter-sweet to know the future of the past.

The groom, with the Coolidge-collar and black suit newly pressed
Stands with shoulders proudly erect; the piercing eyes
Brook no refutation of his ability to provide for the dainty creature by his side,
Expressing his confidence that the life before them will always be of the best.

Sometimes it is unduly sad to know the future of the past.