Grandpa, why do you hold my hand so tight when we cross the street?
Because, dear one, I am responsible for you when you are in my care.

What does “responsible” mean?
It means, that if you get hurt or lost or scared, I will catch it good from
your Mom and Dad.

Grandpa, why do you buy me more toys than anyone else
There is a law called the “Grandfather Clause” which states that all
grandparents must treat their grandchildren very special.

Grandpa, my Dad is very smart, isn’t he?
Oh yes, he is about the smartest one around.

Is he smarter than you, Grandpa?
Well, I know more about bringing up grandchildren than your Dad does.

Grandpa, do you know everything?
No, child why do you ask?

Because you answer all my questions.
Well, yes, so far. But that’s because I have heard all your questions
before and know all those answers.

Grandpa, when I am seven years old, will I know all the answers?
No, my little one. If you are very lucky, you will only realize that there are
more and harder questions for you to ask.

I love you, Grandpa.
Thank you. You know that you are my most favorite grandchild.

But, Grandpa, I am your only grandchild.
Yes, that is also true.