The Photograph

I am seated between two lovely ladies. My wife, Maxine, is on my right and Ginny is on the left. The photograph has been as unexpected bonus to a delightful party; made so by the uncanny rapport that was established when my wife and I were introduced to this stranger. It was as though we were not really strangers and would always wonder if there had been some mysterious reason for our finally meeting.

My wife is one who takes to almost everyone and can find something nice and interesting to chat about without nervousness. I, on the other hand, find meeting strangers a difficult demanding draining on my ability to project friendliness and alertness to the verbal by-play of social gatherings.

This social gathering, however, was different. The actual reason for the get-together is vague in my mind today. It think it was to introduce Ginny to friends and fellow workers of Mary Ellen. My wife qualified as both, friend and fellow worker. I had met Mary Ellen once before and found her to be an attractive, intelligent person. For this reason, I agreed to be an escort this evening. There were definite qualms when I realized that there were only two of us males among about twenty of the female persuasion   It was too late, of course to complain when we were ushered into Mary Ellen’s front room.

As I mentioned before, I was not sure, at that time, that it was Ginny who was the reason for the gathering. I did see an animated, affable woman at the rear of the front room surrounded by a gaggle of females. I had to no time to attempt an evaluation of anyone there, for just then everyone was asked to find seats. Ginny proceeded, after being formally introduced by Mary Ellen, to tell her amazing story. I was mesmerized by Ginny’s astounding tale and tried to ask sensible questions when Ginny finished her telling.

Then Mary Ellen personally introduced Ginny to those of us who had come in last. When Ginny was introduced to Maxine and me, there seemed to be a spark of kinship that vibrated between the three of us; a feeling that I had never experienced before. Ginny, having felt the warmth, insisted on sitting with us when light refreshments were served. It was during this time that Mary Ellen snapped the photograph.

I had never been this close to a celebrity before, and was extremely pleased to find that she was a charming person who would become our friend. That night was one that reinforced my acceptance of the supernatural: we had found a friend in Bridey Murphy.