Jacob and Der Gott

Guteman was a hard, hard, taskmaster. He would never show satisfaction with the bakers’ work, and he let them know of his vexation every chance he could. The economy was such that the men under him were desperately in need of their jobs. Guteman could perform the bakery work better […]


Me getting old?  Sure I’m adding up in years, but inside I don’t feel as old as my age tells me I am. Oh yeah?  Be honest. Well, sure, there’s aches and pains here and there.  I can’t walk as fast or as far as I could ten years ago.  […]

A Scary Ride

When the 8th Engineer Squadron, attached to the 1st Calvary Div., made the assault landing on the Admiralty Islands, I was in B Troop, as the troop clerk.  When my Troop was sent into action, after the beach was secured, the three troop clerks (including me) were temporarily attached to […]

As a child…

As a infant I weighed in at 8 lb. 3 oz.  I’m not completely sure of the “3oz” because the nurse kept getting in my way when I was trying to read the scale. That’s why I was crying so much at first; it was pure frustration.  Somebody was always […]


We have, here, a true friend who deserves whatever we can give her in celebrating her birthday, even though she managed to be out of the country when her actual birth date came about. She deserves it from us because she has given to all, all the love that comes […]


Sergeant Hailpern requests permission from the1st Sergeant to speak to the Troop Commander. Wait here, Sgt. Hailpern. Sir, Sgt Hailpern has requested permission to speak to the Captain. Tell Sgt Hailpern I will see him now. Yes, sir. Sgt. Hailpern, you have permission to speak to the Troop Commander. Thank […]

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