My Creative Self

Looking back on my remembered life seems to indicate that my Creative Self began at an early age. The earliest I can remember of this “self” was while we lived in Chicago and I went through life from six to ten years old. My father started working for Carson Pierre, […]


Being sent to Rabbi Block’s Yeshiva when I was ten years old was a devastating time in my life. It wasn’t that going to a Hebrew School that bothered me, but I found out that at Block’s Yeshiva, the instructions and learning was carried out in Yiddish, a language I have […]

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was this man Who fasten on my lapels And desperately spewed out his tale; Would not let go until his story began: I am  sitting in fear and trembling In the ante-room of Hell. Bewildered.  How did I arrive at this fearful place? What brought […]


There maybe something within me that wants to come out, but I’m not sure of my capabilities or my interest in that mode of expression. I have written for some classes in “writing” in the past, but never with the notion of not using time to think. I always needed […]

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