“In The Beginning…”

Lillith greeted Yehovah as he arrived at the entrance of their dwelling. Despite the customary warm greeting, Yehovah could see that she was troubled.   As predictable, her distress was worry about their youngster, Elohim. “Yehovah, it is my feeling that Elohim has reached the stage in his existence when he must put away his childish toys and evolve to the next level”’

“Lillith, we are thinking on the same wavelength. Just today, I bought home the latest “Creation” game which guarantees the participant’s eventual understanding of order, ethics and responsibility. I also have noticed that El has been spending too much time with Satan, Lucifer and the rest of those adolescent ilk.”

“That’s true, Yehovah. I’m afraid he is picking up the wrong vibes from them. He does need the steadying influence of more mature beings and a project that will keep him occupied and out of trouble.”

“If it is alright with you, Lilith, I’ll set up the new game in the garden to the east of Eden. There is plenty of room near the river, and there should be space enough for any foreseeable future. The small amount of water we will need can be easily provided by any one of the four tributaries.”

“That is fine with me, Yehovah, but please remember that this game is Elohim’s, not for you. Please do oversee his efforts, but try your best to let him do most of it by himself.”

With justifiable pride, Yehovah looked over Eden, Lillith and his domain. There was plenty of room to expand and experiment, and with Lilith’s loving care, the gardens were magnificent. Both of them enjoyed providing an infinite number of beautiful possibilities for their’s and other’s enjoyment. Setting up this new game for Elohim would be another pleasing venture and would surely encourage the lad’s proper education.

After the boundaries of the game were set, Yehovah called Elohim to his side to introduce him to the new maturation that lay in store. Elohim was delighted with the new game and pleased Yehovah when he asked to be allowed to start immediately. Yehovah gave him the book of instructions and ground-rules, and then let El begin.

After carefully reading the instructions for beginning, the youngster carefully placed the provided charge within the restricted boundaries and set off the explosive that was the first step. There was a satisfying “bang!” that released the necessary chemical elements. The particles raced away from the vicinity of the explosion causing a misty glow to appear as a rippling wake of speckled water.

The next step, per the instructions, suggested the stirring of the glowing particles so that the elements would tend to clump and form separate groups. Elohim was anxious to get his hands into the electrified broth, anyway, and quickly started to stir and mold until the particles started revolving around each other, and continued to do so without anymore effort on the part of Elohim. They could see, almost immediately, that forces were being brought to bear and were causing the tiny lights to start following regular predictable paths. According to the instruction book this personal touching and directing, by serious imaginative exercising on the part of the creator, was an extremely important step in the future makeup of this new universe.

El turned to Yehovah and commented, “This is starting to look like orderly chaos.” “A very good observation,” applauded Yehovah.

At this point, Lilith broke into their concentration. The two realized, to their surprise, that they had been so deeply engrossed that a night and day had passed.

The three of them walked back to the main area of Eden. Yehovah and Lilith smiled to each other over the head of the excited Elohim as he babbled with boyishness of his plans for the next days to come. There was so much more in the instruction-book of how to start and maintain a universe. They were sure Elohim was hooked and would surely grow to maturity as him game progressed. At least that what the guarantee said.