Joshua in London

I don’t care if I spoiled the picture. I told Mom I didn’t want her to take it, but does she ever care what I want? After all, did we come all the way to London just to take stupid pictures? O.K., if that’s the reason we came, then I’ll act the part.

Why can’t we go to a soccer game? Then I would have a smile on my face.   But they don’t even want to go to where the runners are trying out for the 2000 Olympics. That would be a great place to go. But, oh no; not if its something I want to do. So what if this is a palace and they have red-coated, stupid-looking, guards standing at attention? Who really cares about them? There must be a million snapshots of them every day; why do they need some more from us?

What I would like to see is Stonehedge. The guys in my cross-country running class were talking about the druids think of this place as a holy place, and, at certain times of the year, they dance around half-naked. But those guys are full of it for sure, and wouldn’t know a druid if it slapped them in the mouth. Anyway, Dad says that the trip there and back would take a whole day and we don’t have that much time to spare. Yeah, but they can do a lotta of shopping all day long and probably spend more money for what they buy then it would cost them at home. And all the castles that belong to some names I never heard of, and the museums that aren’t any better than what we have at home.

I was real excited when my folks started talking about taking this vacation during Spring break. I wasn’t thinking fast enough to realize I wasn’t getting anything special out of the deal. So what if we were crossing the Atlantic Ocean by plane; so what if I was going to a foreign country? Big deal! These people can’t even speak English so’s you can understand them. They don’t know about driving on the right side of the road. A guy could get killed here trying to walk across the street.

When I finally get back home, I’ll probably have to write a theme paper on “how I spent my Spring break”. Big deal — I won’t have anything to write about.

Maybe now you know why I’m not smiling for the picture.