One of My Favorite Memories

This could be titled, “A Wonderful 48 Hours”. Way back, about 12 or 13 years ago, when our only grandson, Joshua, was about 5 or 6 years old, his Mother and Father tried a tremendously scary venture. They were going on vacation and decided to send Joshua to us all by himself by plane, and we would pick him up at the airport on a Saturday morning. They were able to get him a through flight and we would have him for our mutual entertainment for a full day and night. My son and daughter-in-law would follow him the next day and all of us would be together for another day. After that they would be going on to California.

Maxine and I were astounded and deliriously happy when they told us of their plans and we could barely sleep thinking about the youngster traveling all by himself across the country from New York. And, to be able to be together for even such a short time was a dream come true.

The scary, wonderful day finally arrived and we to Stapleton Airport that morning feeling we were flying to greet a flyer. The plane was on time!!! We were on pins and needles waiting for it to land and taxi to the gate. It finally go in and we could barely breath until the door opened and the travelers started to come through. Maxine and I had managed to be as close to the door as possible and almost danced around in excitement. Joshua finally walked through the holding a stewardess by the hand. He recognized us, of course, but the stewardess made us show our driver’s licenses before releasing the boy to our care. We finally got hugs and babbled all kinds of nonsense that I can’t even remember, got to our car and made our way back to you townhouse in Chimney Hills in Heatheridge.

Joshua had a small bag holding a change of clothes and his toothbrush, so he didn’t have very much to unpack. Oh yes, before I forget, as we were driving back on the hiway, Maxine said to me, “Do you realize what a precious cargo we are carrying with us?” Did she think I was not aware?

Joshua has an allergy to peanuts, so he must be very careful of where and what he eats. Maxine made sure that the meals and snacks he ate were proper and safe. In fact, she had had to go to the pharmacy to get instructions about giving shots to Joshua in case he was unexpectantly given what would be a deadly poison.

We had our lunch and went a place on south Colorado Blvd. (can’t remember the name) where there was a setup, indoors, like the arcade at Elitch’s. So much fun putting coins in the machines.

Finally, the day came to an end all the TV was absorbed, and we were ready for bed. Joshua was to sleep in the den on the couch that faced the TV We told him it was OK to turn on the TV but only if the volume was kept turned down. Our bedroom was on the 2nd floor and we figured the TV going for just one night wouldn’t be too hard to handle.

Before going to bed, Joshua needed to take a bath and care of any other necessities. First, he went in to use the toilet. When he got through, he out and Maxine asked, “Did you wash your hands?” “Oh, all right,” he said and went back in and washed his thumb and forefinger of his right hand. Maxine asked, “Is that all you are washing?” “Sure”, he said, “that’s all I used.” When he got ready to take his bath, he gave us a peculiar sight to behold: he was dressed in his swimming trunks and we were not allowed in the bathroom. Maxine and I figured that the children in the hamlet where they lived were informed about older people who might take advantage of their innocence. But to his own grandparents? Oh, well.

The next morning we had a fast breakfast because were to go out early to get to the airport. Everything had worked out perfectly and we were looking forward to more great happiness. While were waiting for the plane to taxi to the gate, I said to Joshua, “You know, Josh, it has been a real long time since I saw your Dad, I wonder if I will recognize him.” Joshua thought hard for a minute and then said, “You’ll know him because his feet are the same shape as mine.” Foolish me to worry over nothing.

Our son and daughter-in-law finally got in and we were all happy to see each other. Joshua was chattering away about all the things he got to do and then they went to visit Sue’s father until lunchtime. We all met at the restaurant had a merry time telling lies and jokes. The day passed too fast and, before we knew it we were back at the airport saying our good-byes. But, it had been a very favorite memory to cherish.