“There are many kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice”

Love started from the beginning. My Mother gave it to me every time she held or touched me. Her way of showing love changed as I grew older, but it was still under the same category. The little kindergarten girls were always giggling every time they looked at us guys. Was that some kind of love? As we passed up to the higher grades in school, we also found that girls seen to change in strange ways. It was a kind of secret that the guys did not get to until a short time later. But is puppy love considered in this context? Then the first time we walked with a girl holding hands. What a completely strange and wonderful sensation. Then came dancing. Wasn’t that love for everyone? Of course, it was smart to learn how to dance.

All the time as I grew older, as did the girls—(No! It was “women” now) I tried to learn what that feeling was. Was it love or lust? Was there a difference?

Several times I found what I thought was “true love” but that never really worked until I met Maxine. It was her fault, because she called me to escort her on a hayrack ride.