What is special about grandparents? I only had one, my Mother’s Mother. If all grandparents were as she was, What a wonderful world this would be for all children. She was small but mighty – tough and loving. To her four children, her word was law, But her grandchildren got […]

The Photograph

I am seated between two lovely ladies. My wife, Maxine, is on my right and Ginny is on the left. The photograph has been as unexpected bonus to a delightful party; made so by the uncanny rapport that was established when my wife and I were introduced to this stranger. […]


Grandpa, why do you hold my hand so tight when we cross the street? Because, dear one, I am responsible for you when you are in my care. What does “responsible” mean? It means, that if you get hurt or lost or scared, I will catch it good from your […]


I remember my grandmother’s bakery, The sour-sweet smell of fresh hearth-baked bread. There I learned discipline, the fun Of honestly earned sweat from a job well done; Whether it be sweeping the floor, Moving the racks out of the bakers’ path, Wrapping the sliced bread, by hand initially, and later […]

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