How To Be Shash

Take as many naps as possible Don’t ever do anything on time – unless you are pushed Leave the toilet seat up Be colorblind when it comes to your clothes Sneak in and get the chocolate in the freezer Drive the car with one hand on the wheel Forget to […]

The Future of the Past

The sepia-flavored photograph exposes a bride and groom of an earlier age. It is not difficult to get the measure of the two involved. You can see that the groom is at least a head the taller, And, he, a powerful built mortal along-side a petite-figured girl-like woman. Sometimes it […]

A Poem of my Father

This is a poem of my father Who never hugged me and only would Bring home presents to show his love. I don’t remember him ever praising My achievements though I’m sure He was proud of some of the things I did. When I brought home, one day, An exercise […]

My Love Story Because ….

Because you spoke to me in tones I could not forget Even when neither was really Aware of the other’s existence yet Because I saw in you exactly What I had been searching for And found it so easy to Pledge my life and work forever more. Because you proved […]

Early Years’ Problem

I have been troubled since my earliest years Trying to understand parts of the bible. One particular sticking point is the yarn Where God tell Abraham,“You’ve been too long idle: Get going to the mountains with your child, Your beloved son, Isaac, and offer him As a burnt offering in […]


Does everything have to be so bland? Cannot there be spice to this everlasting dullness, So that each day will not follow the last without difference in color or sound? Do we expect to be bound by ennui that has been created So that everlasting sleep will be a result […]


The Clear-eyed Lad gazed into The nightime sky Dreaming of his future as An astronaut. He could al- Most feel the tremors of the Rocket motors getting ready To punch a hole into the void On the way to the Moon,or to Jupiter, or anywhere off the Surface of the […]


Lust is considered to be one of the deadly sins. It is condemned by those who fashion the rules. Would is not be an important endeavor to contemplate The convoluted path that caused the four-letter word To earn such dishonor? Webster’s Ninth reports that, prior to the twelfth Century, the […]


Selfishness is an evil. Agreed? If you are concerned with your own self-gain, Somehow you have changed to a barbarian Who tramples over mankind’s heavy-laden. A bank robber who flees with plunder is The same as the industrialist who Produces material treasure; for each is Only concerned with his self-interest. […]

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