An Important Instant

I had been working at the bakery on Sundays, running special deliveries to West side and East side groceries and delicatessens.  The union drivers never worked on Sunday, but the fresh bread, bagel, and hard rolls had to be delivered.  The drivers would leave orders for their customers who were […]

The Algebra Lesson

Mrs. VanLandingham was the one who demanded the most from me of all the teachers at Lake Junior High School. She taught math; not beginning math but Algebra 1 & 2 and geometry up to solid. She was old (that was to us teenagers) and probably would have been considered […]

I Remember Feeling Stupid

Actually it was only yesterday, or maybe last week or month. Here I am supposed to be doing my homework, and nothing was coming to mind. Had nothing happened, recently, that would show how stupidity often shapes “my destiny”? As for “ destiny”. I’m really not sure what that means, […]

Cluster the letter “M”

Mayhaps my merrymen There may be melancholy meditation and maudlin moaning. Meeting in measured marvelous maneuvers In the manner of masculine mastery of melody. Mercy me, my most modest of men, May I mention that a meaningful meal of meaty material is mustered in the mess hall? Madame most of […]

Letting Go

It should be fun in letting go To be as nature meant you to be A wondrous spirit who is free Of worldly cares that you hold Too close in your daily living. Let go and be happy; for happiness is much Easier to handle than cares that bring The […]


The gray scudding clouds tried desperately To hold back the clamorous dawn. The ferocious attempt would prove, Once the light poured out, A sham when the holes showed blue. As the rays reach higher In the early morning sky, the daylight animals Replace the nighttime denizens Who creep back to […]


Is death the end of life? Or, is there some more to experience After the numbered days are quit? To learn, finally, of your own mortality, Is not morbid thinking, because We all must face it some time. To dwell on the why and wherefore May make it easier at […]

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