Time erratically goes it’s way Towards a goal no one of us can envision Each of us following in time’s footsteps Can use time’s errant nature For our own enjoyment. We can go backwards in time when we Remember a delightful period that time bestows On us to relive in […]

The Note was Never There

The trumpeter squeezed hard onto his trumpet Because he was going to give his all In making notes that no one could recall Ever hearing from one instrument so small. So he blew and blew, and, lo and behold, The notes never came out of the last hole. The note […]


The old, the young are much the same Where it comes to showing off their brain. Within the same mind you will find The smart-ass who makes you grind Your teeth in anger, because you know That he/she can be so nice at other times. Then they can show how […]


At Ninety-Four She walks with pain, But does not complain (At least , not too much) We all, who are getting older, Know that her rightful need to walk somewhat slower, And the urgency for everyone to speak a little louder. She is mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Sister, aunt and cousin. […]


In my worst, most horrid dreams I have lost my way, it seems. What might be the loathsome force That continues to follow me? My heart beats ever so fast, Something is stalking my path And, oh how I want to rush, But my feet are stuck in mush. In […]

Cluster the letter “M”

Mayhaps my merrymen There may be melancholy meditation and maudlin moaning. Meeting in measured marvelous maneuvers In the manner of masculine mastery of melody. Mercy me, my most modest of men, May I mention that a meaningful meal of meaty material is mustered in the mess hall? Madame most of […]

Letting Go

It should be fun in letting go To be as nature meant you to be A wondrous spirit who is free Of worldly cares that you hold Too close in your daily living. Let go and be happy; for happiness is much Easier to handle than cares that bring The […]

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