The gray scudding clouds tried desperately To hold back the clamorous dawn. The ferocious attempt would prove, Once the light poured out, A sham when the holes showed blue. As the rays reach higher In the early morning sky, the daylight animals Replace the nighttime denizens Who creep back to […]


Is death the end of life? Or, is there some more to experience After the numbered days are quit? To learn, finally, of your own mortality, Is not morbid thinking, because We all must face it some time. To dwell on the why and wherefore May make it easier at […]


What is special about grandparents? I only had one, my Mother’s Mother. If all grandparents were as she was, What a wonderful world this would be for all children. She was small but mighty – tough and loving. To her four children, her word was law, But her grandchildren got […]


I remember my grandmother’s bakery, The sour-sweet smell of fresh hearth-baked bread. There I learned discipline, the fun Of honestly earned sweat from a job well done; Whether it be sweeping the floor, Moving the racks out of the bakers’ path, Wrapping the sliced bread, by hand initially, and later […]

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