The gray scudding clouds tried desperately
To hold back the clamorous dawn.
The ferocious attempt would prove,
Once the light poured out,
A sham when the holes showed blue.

As the rays reach higher
In the early morning sky, the daylight animals
Replace the nighttime denizens
Who creep back to the dank caves
To rest against the next night’s gambols.

Among the new awakened troupe struts forth
A lustrous young unicorn with single straight horn
Blazing in the rising sun. It must be conceded
That his one fear of being tamed by any creature
Was a possibility but not a real probability.

In this day and age, the unicorn
May romp the year long unafraid
For where, today, are we to find
That creature, who could the unicorn bind:
A grown-up, innocent, female virgin.