My Love Story Because ….

Because you spoke to me in tones I could not forget Even when neither was really Aware of the other’s existence yet Because I saw in you exactly What I had been searching for And found it so easy to Pledge my life and work forever more. Because you proved […]

Early Years’ Problem

I have been troubled since my earliest years Trying to understand parts of the bible. One particular sticking point is the yarn Where God tell Abraham,“You’ve been too long idle: Get going to the mountains with your child, Your beloved son, Isaac, and offer him As a burnt offering in […]


Does everything have to be so bland? Cannot there be spice to this everlasting dullness, So that each day will not follow the last without difference in color or sound? Do we expect to be bound by ennui that has been created So that everlasting sleep will be a result […]


Being sent to Rabbi Block’s Yeshiva when I was ten years old was a devastating time in my life. It wasn’t that going to a Hebrew School that bothered me, but I found out that at Block’s Yeshiva, the instructions and learning was carried out in Yiddish, a language I have […]

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was this man Who fasten on my lapels And desperately spewed out his tale; Would not let go until his story began: I am  sitting in fear and trembling In the ante-room of Hell. Bewildered.  How did I arrive at this fearful place? What brought […]


There maybe something within me that wants to come out, but I’m not sure of my capabilities or my interest in that mode of expression. I have written for some classes in “writing” in the past, but never with the notion of not using time to think. I always needed […]

Jacob and Der Gott

Guteman was a hard, hard, taskmaster. He would never show satisfaction with the bakers’ work, and he let them know of his vexation every chance he could. The economy was such that the men under him were desperately in need of their jobs. Guteman could perform the bakery work better […]


Me getting old?  Sure I’m adding up in years, but inside I don’t feel as old as my age tells me I am. Oh yeah?  Be honest. Well, sure, there’s aches and pains here and there.  I can’t walk as fast or as far as I could ten years ago.  […]

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