A Scary Ride

When the 8th Engineer Squadron, attached to the 1st Calvary Div., made the assault landing on the Admiralty Islands, I was in B Troop, as the troop clerk.  When my Troop was sent into action, after the beach was secured, the three troop clerks (including me) were temporarily attached to […]


The Clear-eyed Lad gazed into The nightime sky Dreaming of his future as An astronaut. He could al- Most feel the tremors of the Rocket motors getting ready To punch a hole into the void On the way to the Moon,or to Jupiter, or anywhere off the Surface of the […]


Lust is considered to be one of the deadly sins. It is condemned by those who fashion the rules. Would is not be an important endeavor to contemplate The convoluted path that caused the four-letter word To earn such dishonor? Webster’s Ninth reports that, prior to the twelfth Century, the […]


Selfishness is an evil. Agreed? If you are concerned with your own self-gain, Somehow you have changed to a barbarian Who tramples over mankind’s heavy-laden. A bank robber who flees with plunder is The same as the industrialist who Produces material treasure; for each is Only concerned with his self-interest. […]

As a child…

As a infant I weighed in at 8 lb. 3 oz.  I’m not completely sure of the “3oz” because the nurse kept getting in my way when I was trying to read the scale. That’s why I was crying so much at first; it was pure frustration.  Somebody was always […]


Time erratically goes it’s way Towards a goal no one of us can envision Each of us following in time’s footsteps Can use time’s errant nature For our own enjoyment. We can go backwards in time when we Remember a delightful period that time bestows On us to relive in […]


The old, the young are much the same Where it comes to showing off their brain. Within the same mind you will find The smart-ass who makes you grind Your teeth in anger, because you know That he/she can be so nice at other times. Then they can show how […]

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